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“Perfect Bug Hunters to Deliver Clientele with Better Performed Web Apps”

The presence of testing methods and experience with the latest technologies is essential to provide bug-free and progressive web apps to the clients.



Are you in urgent need of receiving a smooth functioning website which is devoid of any issue?

Then choosing us is the right option for you as you will latest tech-based web applications at an affordable price. We assure you of the best service guarantee by the following:

  • Quick & Time-bound delivery

  • Faster Development of Web Applications

  • Total Refund on Unsuccessful Project Completion

  • Availability of In-House Dedicated Team of QA Experts

  • Provision of bug-free & Flawless Web Apps

  • Confidentiality of the project or business Idea by Signing NDA

Choose Best Engagement Model to Hire QA Tester

Are you searching for the best engagement model? No need to worry as we provide you flexible services so that you do not face any issue in hiring a suitable tester at your service. Here we present more details on our hiring models so you can choose the best one which suits your requirements.

Fixed-Price Model
  • Best suited for one-time development requirements
  • Best option for fixed scope of requirements
  • Can be broken up into milestones
Hourly Price Model
  • Suitable for ongoing development or maintenance requirements
  • Best choice for the variable scope of requirements
  • Can be allocated fixed hrs. in a week or month

Choose Among the Services to Get Unblemished Web Applications

Independent QA Tester

We have the best QA Testing Services, which we deliver for the third-party software solutions so to offer you better control over application quality to ensure top-quality product made available to the clients. They are also responsible for manual and automated test plans.

Integrated Web Tester

Integrated testing is a part of software testing where individual units are combined for testing as a group and expose faults in the integration between the units. We have Dedicated QA Engineers who ensure well-integrated testing of your software before its release in the market.

Manual Web Tester

To get an insight into the visual elements of the UI, such as font size, color, button sizes, and many more. Hence our QA experts conduct manual testing to monitor the website and give it a user-friendly look in a most appropriate way.

Selenium Automation Tester

In the given type of testing, the tester has to use the given automation tool to write test script and perform the testing to produce effective web app with the flawless concert. Our enthusiastic selenium tester effortlessly tests GUI and web applications and helps in reduction of the time and cost to achieve objectives appropriately.

Custom Web Tester

It is the type of testing which is unique and helps in sufficient removal of the issues to make a better web product. Hire Quality Assurance Engineers from ITExpertsIndya and ensure receiving of the best quality web and desktop application effectively.

Regression Web Tester

A part of software testing, regression testing is the procedure where the tester assures that any changes done in the app has not broken its existing functionality. Hire software testers from our company to ensure that any modifications done in your app doesn't alter the existing functionality.

QA Testing Experts for Support and Maintenance

Our offshore testing experts are highly responsive to all your queries and attend your calls even after completion of your project. Besides, we help you to solve all your bug-related issues and render interactive support for your customized web app. We have won the hearts of our clients by providing them with flexible maintenance package which is available 24/7.

Our Innovative Solutions Successfully Meets the Expectations of Various Industries

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Education
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Classified & Advertising
  • Automobile & many more

Numerous Benefits Associated with Hiring QA Testers

Saving your Money with Fewer Expenses

The most important aspect of conducting testing is to save money. The tester plays a significant role in identifying and fixing the bugs at the development level. It is important as they are less costly to fix than the bugs which are found during the live production.

A Boon for the Developer to Create Code at their Will 

The role of the tester, especially manual tester, helps in removing the pressure on the developers and make them free to develop what they do their best, i.e., creation of codes. So, a win-win situation for the developers to create a functional and robust code for the given app!

Choose Team of QA Testers as per your Requirements

We allow our clients the freedom to hire a dedicated quality tester for your project. With the help of our flexible engagement models, you could render our advanced testing services and get your web project in a faultless and secure manner.  

Services Available at No Extra Cost

We make our testing professionals available at the best price and as per the industrial norms. We do not charge extra and strictly adhere to the mutually agreed price. If your management identifies any additional bug post completion of app, no charge would be taken from you, and the bug will be solved as soon as possible.

Transparent and Secure Features

We offer complete transparency at each step of the development process. Besides, each step is explained to you to ensure no desired feature is left out. What's more, we use the best security tools which keep your project prohibited from the public efficiently.  

Assist in Faster Delivery of Software Packages

Hiring a testing expert is beneficial for you as they have got enough experience in identifying which issue might affect the software and at which phase. Moreover, it will also help in enhancing communication between them and developers to a greater extent.

Thus we provide the best available testers to remove all the issues and bugs which might affect the productivity of your business. So avail our services to top-notched web apps with negligible problems.

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