SWAPPI-Service Exchange Platform


The objecting of creating the given app is to remove financial or other constraints and help an innovative entrepreneur to start their project smoothly. The entrepreneurs are now able to explore their thoughts and expand their professional network by collaborating successfully with their most important partners. Besides, there is an effective exchange of services thanks to the QuickPay. Thus it is an excellent platform where services are exchanged between people in need with outstanding results.


We work just like a barter system where we provide exchange offers in lieu of the services, including posting their ads online with other needy customers. Moreover, we allow the user to list their profile picture by effectively backing their skills. With the approval of QuickPay, custom-made shopping cart is provided to the users for a secure subscription payment. We also offer switching services free off cost to create a priceless portfolio so to create for you a strong business network.

About Company

Swappi is a barter system-based e-commerce platform where there is an exchange of services between the entrepreneur and another person in lieu of some services. The users indeed get a warming response due to secure functioning backend and a smooth frontend.

What's more, you are permitted to post an advertisement loaded with needs and services so to make them ready for exchanging with other people. Besides, it has functionality just like that of LinkedIn, where users endorse their talent and efficiently share the services with others.

Do you want to showcase your talent in the service exchange program? Register yourself in SWAPPI and pave the way towards a bright and successful future.

Key features

  • Review & Rating Features
  • Multi-Step Profile Registration Form
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Easy Facebook & Google+ Registration
  • Provision of Chat System & Advertisement Listings
  • Section for Users & Content Management
  • Efficient Subscription Management
  • Use of LinkedIn like a model for Skill Endorsement System
  • Custom Payment Module like QuickPay
  • Availability of Connection Module
  • Orders & Payment Report Management
Tools & Technologies
  • html5
  • jquery
  • tinymce
  • CSS3
  • Laravel
3rd Party APIs
  • Quick Pay Payment API Integration
  • Google+ & Facebook API
Frontend Design for SWAPPI

The given website uses Laravel framework for its proper management and functioning. It is based on the MVC architecture and is the most preferred framework for creating web apps due to the presence of the template engine.

With its effective frontend design, ITExpertsIndya has allowed successful expansion of the services between the prospective and needy users. The crucial procedures leading towards active frontend development are:

Browse Ads/Listings

In this section, the ads posted by other people could browse by visitors. Unless the user login into the system, they get limited information. After registration, users can go through the other users to offer them their services. Moreover, they have numerous options like:

  • Filtration Options
  • Keywords & Categories-based ads Search
User Profile

It includes profiles such as:

  • User Login

  • Logout

  • Forgot Password

  • Edit Profile

Ads Management

This section permits add/edit/delete the ads by the users and then posts them with details with the inclusion of the description, trade value, and ad title. While posting ads for offering the services, users can insert the images on it which is free upto 5 images. After that, adding new photos on ads requiring payment.  

Featured Ads & Ads Payment

Until they are active in the ads, users have to pay for the ads. They are free to renew their ads without recalling its expiry date manually or automatically. Besides to achieve higher visibility, users can promote their ads successfully. Users pay the fees:

  • To display ads on the front page

  • To secure the 1st position on a webpage

After payment, users have various opportunities to enhance visibility such as highlighted text, more photos, and so on, so to remain at 1st position and front page.

Besides, vouchers and other discounts for free top ads are provided to the users for making the next purchase. The payment is made via integrating QuickPay with payment gateway.  

Automated Emails

Whenever new ads with a possible match are posted on the system, users receive a notification. Besides, if the system founds any match for the posted ad, an e-mail is sent to the users.

Message System

If any user found ads posted on the system, they could send a message to communicate with each other.  

Rating & Comment

At the end of each ad, a comment section is present where there is a discussion about the services and users, who have posted ads; ask questions. Users provide each other rating after completing exchanged services.

Content Pages

It includes content page setup like About Us, Privacy and FAQ.



Backend UI/UX Design for SWAPPI
Admin Profile

It includes profiles such as:

  • Admin Login

  • Logout

  • Forgot Password

  • Edit Profile

User Management

List if users got displayed in this section. The decisive role is played by the admin and includes respective functions:

  • Details about the users are managed

  • Sending e-mail to the users

  • Edit/Delete user information

  • Listing customers as active, inactive or block

Advertisement Management

Admin manages the user's advertisement by editing/deleting them

Manage Payment Information & Reports

The admin manages the promotion price of the users' ads which are posted here. Moreover, changing ads' price with a viewing of the total amount of revenue for the given site is possible for the admin.

General Statistics & Reports

In this section, admin evaluates the offers and general statistics of the customers. Also, they can check the data range and filter the reports.  

Email Template Management

The given section allows admin to manage newsletter template, which includes registration, forgot password, and many more.

Voucher Management

Admin add, edit and delete the discount coupon in the given section.


Management of CMS contents (excluding layout and design) is done here and includes Contact Us, About Us, and Terms & Conditions, etc.  

View Contact Submissions

Here, admin views numerous submissions of the contacts and use CSV file to export it.


The biggest achievement for the given website is that it assists the entrepreneurs to switch your ideas for money in the form of services to the prospective users. Also, it has new features where the users with small cost could use it to exchange competencies between users.