Work Methodology

Kick-off Discussion

We begin the session with a discussion with our clients.

  • We tune to your necessities (Both technical & Functional)
  • We have lots of questions for you
*We don’t feel inconvenient while signing NDA. **If you are ready with your comprehensive RFQ, you are free to skip the discussion session.
Settling for Scope & Need

Next step is the mutual agreement on the final demand with our clients.

  • We provide innovative methodologies and ideas
  • Once the necessary report is prepared, we place a closing quote which includes asset information involving price and time frame
*In extraordinary cases, we are ready for discourse and exchange**There is an on-demand provision of quote/proposal.
Agreement Signing

The agreement is finally signed after client mutually agrees on the quote and final requirement.

  • Before signing the contract, the customers pay in advance via online methods such as credit card
  • Afterward, we assign a task
  • As soon as we get advance, we initiate the project immediately
Final Blueprint Demonstration

Shortly after signing and processing of the contract is completed, there is a demonstration of final blueprint.

  • It contains all the details about modification and notable achievements accomplished during the development procedure
  • All the changes required should be done in this phase (Please make sure that any modification in the project shouldn’t exceed the finalized scope)
  • To prevent any arising of conflict in the future, a written approval regarding alteration and the final project plan is imminent
*The time taken from signing an agreement to presenting project’s blueprint takes 10 days.
Design & Development

We mean business.

  • Our capable experts work simultaneously on the design and development for faster execution of the project
  • The client will receive a design questionnaire, and they have to answer the questions present in it. Based on your answers, we prepare a demo design and send it to the client for approval
  • The development procedure proceeds at a rapid pace
  • On the pre-designate URL, we upload ‘work-in-progress’ so to permit customers to review the plan and stay updated
  • Next step is about written specification and user interface taking shape
  • Designated Project Manager performs daily scrums for efficient delivery of the tasks and also finalizes future actions
*Clients can communicate with us via email and Skype. **We settle all your queries and concerns in a subtle and timely manner through our accelerated models.

We hate the communication gap. Nevertheless, we encourage and applaud for client monitoring.

  • There are regular update and transmission of timesheets in your mail
  • We believe that you go through our work progress and confirm that the designated functionalities and features are upto your mark
  • We produce a product demo on the date as per the convenience of the client. The client can thoroughly check the project and ask questions if any. Next step is the organization of sprint planning to discuss and finalize the concluding week’s task
*It is imminent for the clients to provide us with weekly feedback wisely.
Testing and Payment Compensations

Humans are liable to commit a mistake. Same is applied on us.

  • Our experts conduct primary testing on all the features, codes and functionality (Bug Tracking is accomplished using Mantis and Asana)
  • Next step is conduction of the quality testing on each module
  • Soon after designing the applications, beta testing is accomplished which is followed by another round of testing on our server
  • We take payment in a phased-manner on a pro-rate basis, after completion of each assigned landmark
Go Live

After all the modules and applications are thoroughly tested, time is ripe to ‘Go Live.’

  • When the client approves the final version of the product, we immediately launch the product
  • After receiving 100% payment, we initiate the process of code transition to the server as per your designation
*Formality of the project completion includes written acceptance by the clients with sign off, which also provides client feedback.
Post Go-Live: Support & Maintenance

We yearn for a long-lasting relationship with our beloved customers.

  • Post the warranty period; we will enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract with our clients
  • We will regularly update you about the latest features and carry out enhancements to make the application future-ready for you
  • Feel free to hire our internet marketing team to improve your web exposure so to enhance your conversion rates by effectively targeting the audiences

Challenges Excite Us

Give us a chance to figure out the ideal approach which suits your ventures. We will not let you down and provides a free consultation to our prospective clients. We are waiting to hear from you.

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