Seller Bail Out


The objective of creating the app is to reduce the tension among the distressed and non-distressed sellers so that they could be able to sell their properties at a faster speed without much issue. The given platform also permits them to sell their asset; commercial, or residential in a most suitable way and help them to come out of agony to sell their properties swiftly during their time of the crisis.


We provide the most effective channel to help the needy clients to sell their assets to the probable buyers by displaying a good interaction among them. Besides, we permit only authenticated properties to be set up for sells after it has gone through strict verification via automated & advanced tools by our best experts. Both buyers & sellers are at an advantage as the former will get listed pages with properties to purchase them swiftly, while later will be able to upload their properties quickly & save a significant amount of time and money.

About Company

Seller Bailout is a high-tech real estate destination which is vastly secured and swift procedure to sell an individual’s assets. They allow the sellers who are in distraught to sell their properties at high velocity and a price appropriate as per industrial norms.

Say Goodbye to lengthy and costly procedures of repairs and renovation, lest thing do is to hand it to Seller Bailout! They understand the value of the time in your life and assist you in making contact with the best possible buyers so to move towards the closure blissfully.

Key features

  • Streamline Workflows Management
  • Both Buyer & Seller Leads handle listing of property
  • Provision of Drag & Drop Feature to add and remove listings with their status
  • Capable Scheduling of Newsletter
  • Tasks and Calendar to schedule appointment with users
  • Provision of Mail Manager in synchronization with g-mail
  • Provision of Online Payment Gateway Integration
Tools & Technologies
  • html5
  • jquery
  • CSS3
  • Laravel
3rd Party APIs
  • Smarty
  • Twilio
  • IMAP
  • Stripe
Backend UI/UX Design for Seller Bailout

The backend design of the given website is handled appropriately by utilizing the services of the Laravel framework. The existence with the MVC architecture and the presence of the template engine makes it one of the most fitting frameworks for the development of the web apps.

To properly supervise data of the customers and provide excellent results in respect to the real estate properties, the backend is the most suitable portal. With the support of the effective backend design, ITExpertsIndya has succeeded in meeting the expectations of the customers by providing the best buyer for their asset. The crucial procedures leading towards active backend development are:

Role-based Login

There is a significant difference in the backend procedure in the form that buyers, manager, and admins can create their account to get suitable information about the property for sale.

However, the seller is restrained from having an account & instead seeks help from the admin to upload their properties. All the listing pages containing real estate properties are made available to the buyers who could view & purchase them after getting login into their account.


Only admin has access to the dashboard, and it includes the demonstration of the task lists and recent activities for them.

The pie-chart is utilized to track all the record of the properties in the real estate, which are then displayed on the dashboard. Furthermore, there is a presence of graphical representation of the data containing valuable information about the unique and page visitors on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


In this section, the property is listed as residential and commercial products. The agents handle properties. It includes the lead agent who supervises the listed properties with the help of their co-agents.Leads

The given section incorporates both the buyers and sellers as the leads. It has various subsections:


The given section incorporates both the buyers and sellers as the leads. It has various subsections:


In this section, all the aspect about the seller with their listed properties for selling is included. The admin handles all their functions as they have no power to login.


Here, the registration of those buyers occurs who are interested in purchasing the property. They are empowered to inspect the listed properties and obtain them based on the plan assigned to them as given below:


Property Displayed


Next Day


After 7 Days


After 14 Days

Contact Agents

They act as a broker and manage the properties which are present in a specific area. Buyers contact them to buy suitable properties.


It emphasizes on the whole property’s status commencing from their listing for sale and concluding by their purchasing among the probable buyers. It includes the following steps:

  • Hot, which indicates that the seller's property is ready for purchasing

  • Contract Seller, which are those sellers who have a contract to sell their properties

  • Review, the phase where the admin of the Seller Bailout checks the validity of the seller’s property

  • Live, stage after the verification of the property & is ready for selling to the potential buyer

  • Appointment Schedule, where the appointment is fixed between the admin/agents and buyer/sellers/agents to discuss the listed property

  • Contract Signed Buyer, who has signed an agreement with admin on behalf of choosing a property from the seller's list

  • Contact Out, happens after finalizing the deal and the property is displayed as sold out

  • Closing Pause, where the sold property is on hold due to some issues

  • Closing Set, when the owner of the property is changed from the seller to buyer forever

E-Mail Marketing

A breathtaking strategy which includes the most recent information about the properties and other essential details conveyed to all the players like sellers, buyers, sales agents, and many more via e-mail. It comprises:

Template Management: In this section, the admin creates & publish a custom template for different e-mail marketing.

Sequence Management: All the step-wise procedure of selling the property of the seller to the buyer is illustrated here in detail.

  • Automatically generated information via mails and SMS

  • Delay timer is a step used to schedule the emails and SMS in a sequence

Event Management: In this stage, real estate properties which are listed & are up for sale have an action performed on them. The set of actions are applied using an event trigger on the occurrence of the events in respect to the given properties.  

Mailing List

In this section, the mail-list is created which are used for sending important and essential information to the players in the given industry. It is performed using:

  • Manual Selection

  • Group Mail

  • Excel Sheet


All the crucial details on the properties present in the given real estate sector are provided through it. One crucial example is sending bulk e-mail to the sellers, which shows that their properties are up for sale and to be purchased by the prospective buyers. Its features are:

  • Transmission of the relevant information via mail & SMS to the desired user

  • Scheduling of the campaign in the future

Manage Contacts

The given section allows step-wise management of all the personal contacts. According to it, there is permission to a particular sales agent to change, store, and manage data about a specific client in their directory.

Manage Users

In this section, the given project is handled by providing a prominent role to the users and is accomplished by delivering e-mail invitations to the users to take the specific job such as:

  • Administrator

  • Blogger

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Sales Agent and many more

Admin Profile

In this section, all the relevant information about the admin who takes responsibility to manage the properties correctly is displayed.


Using this feature, the admin can create events related to the appointment and the creation of the task. One notable example is the arrangement of the meeting between agent and buyer at a specific date.

Performance Metrics

The admin controls this section where the agent performance is checked more precisely. The working of the agent gets tested through the following steps:

  • Agent Enrolled: It displays all the registered agents

  • Total Deals: All the deals done by the agents get posted here

  • Average Timeline: It indicates completion of the entire workflow of the agents commencing from deals & ending with their conversion to the leads

  • Highest Commission: It means the highest commission received by which agents for their deals

  • Most prolonged Period: It points toward which a property took higher time to convert into an agreement

  • Total Interaction: It specifies the interaction between admin & agents concerning the deal


In this section, e-mail section is highlighted in sync with g-mail using G-suite account. Moreover, the given module also displays the entire folder in the g-mail.


Now it is easier for the seller to steadfast their property selling with no issues or problems. Considering the given aspect, there is satisfaction among the seller the company believes that their time is valuable and permits them to contact with buyers who will bailout them from the given calamity affluently.