TAO - Custom Trip Management App


The given website aims to help in the creation of multiple trips with multiple packages for travellers through travel agencies. What's more, an innovative idea is also provided by freeing users from registering for this site and allowing them to select multiple trips at once, which could be saved by them for the future selection appropriately. Furthermore, trip quotas are created by the trip creators to make them readily available for the travellers and provide them with immense benefit.


We are a pioneer in the travel industry by creating an appealing online platform for travel crazy people. It is the place where they could choose the trip which fulfils their aspiration and also could share with their travel buddies. Moreover, the needs of the customers are taken into account by trip creators who seek the help of custom CRM to update the trips to suit their requirements. Over and above, we have incorporated the SaaS model in our business and have permitted other like-minded company to utilize our services and successfully meet their customers' expectations.

About Company

Trip All Over (TAO) is the novelty of the group of passionate voyage seekers who loves vacation and creating trips. With the help of our capable team, innovative ideas have been executed in planning and searching for the tours and make the life of the travellers much more comfortable.

Their goal of creating a registration-free travel app for the travellers is fulfilled in a highly unexpected yet successful manner. Besides, travel-related information is controlled and filled by the trip creators as what they are viewing. Welcome to the TAO and find out best lifetime vacations to value the moment with all your heart!

Key features

  • Successful Trip Management
  • Hassle-Free Browsing & Searching Trips
  • Management of the Accounts of Travel Agent/Agency
  • Proper Supervision of Membership Plan
  • Secure Registration for Travel Agent/Agency Registration
Tools & Technologies
  • Codeigniter
  • html5
  • jquery
  • CSS3
3rd Party APIs
  • Paypal
  • Authrorize.net
Frontend UI/UX Design for Trip All Over

Codeigniter framework has been utilized to develop the given website. It is controlled by MVC, has great security features and is lightweight and thus has rendered it a best suitable option for developing a user-friendly and strong website by the web developers.

 ITExpertsIndya has created a breakthrough in the travel industry by successfully meeting the customers' expectation and also offering them with the best lifetime travelling experience by catering to their requirements in the most successful manner.  

Search & Browse Trips

For travel enthusiasts, it has become rather simple for them to search vacation trips using categories and keywords. Trips have a perfect match in the search category/criteria in the given page, which also has an advertising panel. The visitors can filter trips based on:

  • Agents or Non-Agents

  • Location Date

  • Flagged Posts

  • Profile

  • Specialties or Activities

  • Trip Details

Facts about the trips and trip creators are shown on the given page properly. There are various options available on this page and include:

  •   Follow the Tip Option

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Comment & Review Section

  • Photo/Video gallery of past trips

  • Contact to Trip Creator

  • Sharing with Friends Option


In the given section, users register themselves with Trip All Over and reap the profit. The users comprise of two categories:

Trip Creators

They are individual agents who comprise a travel agency, lodge, cruise line or other vacation destination providers who have a vacation idea to share among the travellers. It comprises:

  • Profile: Trip creators (users) provide important information about the vacation by updating their profile.

  • Trip Management: It is segmented into:

  • Create Trips: The trip creators post trips with the support of various alternatives in the form of:

  • Uploading trip-related videos/images/PDF

  • Add custom link & Metadata

  • Payment option via PayPal/ Authorised.net

  • Edit/Delete: The trip creator edit/delete existing trips in the given section.

  • Re-post Trip: If the given trips after n amount of days become inactive, the trip creator can re-post the journey.

  • Trip Stats: This section showcase reports related to the views & followers of the trips like:

  • Trip Detail Views

  • Trip Saves

  • Numerical Count/Trip

  • Payment: The payment is made annually by agents using PayPal or authorize.net.

  • Managing Sub-Users: It is done by following two significant steps:

  • Create Sub-Users: After the selection of payment plan, there is an addition of n-number of users to the master account. Below are two essential payment options which are appropriately illustrated:

  • Pay-Per-Post: It is favored by those trip creators who have limited travel or trip packages. It is a one-time fee per trip and is limited to 6 total trips. With the use of promotion code, free posting is appropriately made by the users.

  • Subscriptions: A Trip creator with a large number of travel packages use this payment option and allow users to select which will be best for them. Active trips could be search and view for the active trips one at a time. Moreover, travellers can activate or deactivate trips from their profile page at any given time.

  •   Manage Trips of Sub-Users: It manages the features such as add, edit, suspend, and delete the account named ‘set number of trips' each time created by the sub-user.

  • Manage Comments & Reviews: In this section, the trip creator handles the comments and reviews effectively. Moreover, an email notification is received to the user whenever they generate a comment.   


The business of TAO solely depends on the travellers as all the trips and travel packages are created to satisfy their needs and requirements. It is segmented into:

  • Profile: In the given section, travellers update their profile information.

  • My Saved Trips: The users have the flexibility to save view trips and remove the saved trips as per their choice.

  • Suggested Trips: They act as a notification and are shown in the travelling section. Trip profiles help in defining suggestion criteria.

  • Trip Profiles: It facilitated adding/editing/deleting trip profiles for the travellers. An email will be received by the traveller after the trip posted by others matches their profile.

  • Comments & Reviews: Travellers can post the comment and review the trip creators in this section.

  • Trips Followed by Users: Users can view their market trips as the favourite in this section. Besides, they could also remove the trip from favorite as per their needs.

Admin Section Modules

They are empowered to manage the functions and working of the given website, so it works to the best. It comprises of:

  • Manage Sub-admin: In the given section, sub-admin is added by the admin with setting-up their permission levels.

  • Finance Settings: In this page, the admin is authorized to handle trip pricing.

  • Promotional Codes: Admin manages promotional codes in the given section. Besides, they also have the option to associate sub-admin with sales rights to the codes.

  • Manage Trips: Admin manages the trips by setting as active and inactive. Users receive an email notification when the trips are active.

  • Manage Registered Travellers: The admin has the authority to activate or delete their accounts and thus manages the registered travellers.

  • Manage Trip Creators: The admin has the option to activate, suspend or delete the accounts of trip creators.

  • Manage Sub-Admin Trip Creators: Here, admin is empowered to activate/delete/suspend the account of the sub-admin trip creators.

  • Manage Advertisements: In this section, admin add/edit/delete numerous ad units shown on the site along with their rotating frequency.

  • Reports: Admin is authorized in this page to view the payment reports.


It is a simple yet innovative travel website which is developed by the crazy travel persons who prepare the planning and searching of the travel trip more comfortable for the users and that too meeting their expectation successfully. Users have no requirement of registering themselves. This is because of the given website, where they are authorized to select the most appropriate trip which will suit their needs efficiently.